The Safe Haven

There are times in our lives when we all need a Safe Haven.

A Safe Haven is a place of Refuge – a Sanctuary.

When life batters us, when people hurt us physically, mentally or spiritually we need a place of safety where we can rest and find restoration. God is our Refuge and strength (Psalm 46:1).

 We pray this website will give you words of comfort, encouragement, strength and direction so that eventually you will be able once again to continue on life’s journey, blessed and refreshed.

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                                         Life is not a bed of roses But...
                                         Life is still not a bed of roses But...
                                         Roses all the way?
                                         The Royal Highway
                                         Roads to nowhere The Road to Somewhere
                                         What’s it all about?
                                         To Comfort you in your hour of need.


This site was last updated on 17th April 2009

The Safe Haven

Find a safe place
Where you can face
The problems and troubles which distress
And you will see how God can bless.

Find a safe place
Where you can rest
Let down your guard
Although it will be hard.

You’ve struggled for years
You’ve had many tears
You’ve been alone
Your heart’s felt like stone.
Now is the time to encourage change
All the arrows will be out of range.

Seek the safe place
For there, is grace
No trouble or pain
And much to gain
For God welcomes those
Who are battered and bruised
And who feel that they have been used


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