Life is still

  not a bed of roses But....

Loving thanks from
Shirley Street

The Greatest of the great.

I pray I have been faithful in writing down these words. You have been my constant support and encouragement- a Light in the darkness. This book is dedicated to my family and friends. A big thank you to all those who encouraged and helped me. There were times when writing, I became disheartened and felt I could not go on.

Thank you John for the computer and art work, Mary Bibb and Alison Randall for their tremendous support .

Bless you all.

A Heavenly Shower
A Red Rose
A Rough and Stony Path
A Thankful Heart
A Tree planted by the Water
Angry Words
Bricks without Straw
Christ is not just for Christmas But for Life
Christmas Ė The Real Story
Come to Me
Come what May
Donít Give Up
God does not Expect
Grace 1
Grace 2
He Will
Help me Lord
Help Me This Day
Heís there for You
Hope for us All
How Great is my God
I Feel so Inadequate
In Living
Let me be Teachable



Life is a Battleground
Life is not a bed of roses ButÖ
Life is still not a bed of roses ButÖ
Lost and Found
Love You all the World
Loved and Missed
Mutter, Moan, Gripe and Groan
My Comforter
My Sweetheart on Valentineís Day
No words can Express
Oh Faithful One
Oh for our Nation
One day at a Time
Precious Moments
Renew Me
Running away is not an Option
Safe in His Arms
Search My Heart
Show the Love of God
Stale and Dry
Strength for Another Day

Tears and Pain
Thank You
The Bride
The End is The Beginning
The Extra Mile
The Fiery Furnace
The First Aid Post
The Greatest of the Great
 The Prisoner
The Promise
The Quiet Place
The Secret Place
The Vision
The Wake-up-call
The Wilderness Experience
To be First, you must be Last
To My Comforter a Love Letter
Too Busy!
Walk Tall
Walking on Water
What will He Say
Whose thoughts? Whose ways?
You are my All
You are not Alone



Lord, I have wasted time each day
Lord, sometimes I havenít prayed
 And yet
Your mercy, grace and love
Still shower upon me from above.

Lord, at times I donít pray
 Lord, from Your Presence I hurry away
And yet
You show me so much love
It showers upon me from above.

Lord, at times Iím grumpy and cross
 Also I feel anxious and lost
And yet
Your kindness and Your love
Shower upon me from above.

Illness, weakness and endless fears
 Depression, sadness and countless tears
And yet
Your healing and Your love
 Shower upon me from above.

Alone but not lonely
A pathway that is stony
And yet
Your guidance and love
 Shower upon me from above.

In my weakness You are strong
 In my heart for You I long.
 You know my thoughts deep inside
Yet Your grace still resides.
I canít understand why You care
I know Your love is always there.

My heart is full of joy and praise
Yet not expressed in my ways.
My words and actions let You down
Will I one day earn a crown?
And yet
Your forgiveness and love
Shower upon me from above.

Your mercy and Your grace follow me
A companion Youíll always be
Waiting for me at the journeyís end.
In Your arms I will fall
For my name You have called.




A red rose is a symbol of love
Sent to us as a present from our Father above
 Given in our time of despair
He wants us to know He is always there.

He knows we are hurting, He knows of the pain
Will we ever be happy again?
The red rose is given to say that He knows
We will experience the Ďhighs and the lows.í
 He will stand by us come what may
And in Godís love we will stay.

A red rose can have a very sharp thorn
And our heart can feel as though itís torn
But the beauty of The Rose doesnít fade away
Whatever happens His love is here to stay.

Comfort, encouragement will come
Through Jesus Christ Godís own Son.
Allow your faith to increase
And your doubts will decrease.
You are safe wrapped in His arms.




Life can be tough
 Your way very rough
 More darkness than light
Days seem like night
Great is His love for you.

God wants you to know
That He loves you so.
As each day is dawning
It is a new morning
 Great is His love for you.

Youíre the apple of His eye
And you may wonder why?
 It seems hard to understand
How wonderfully your life is planned.

Step-by-step and day-by-day
He will lead you in His way.
 In His arms He will keep
You safely though the path is steep.

So donít despair
 Heís always there.
He knows your downs and ups
 Come drink from His blessed cup.

This life is not easy as you well know
And at times you feel so very low
Unable to put one foot in front of the other
 Allow His love to act as a cover.

Youíre tired and weary
 Never feeling refreshed
Allow Jesus to greatly bless.
 Comforting and warm is His love for you
nd we want you to know that we love you too.
So rest by still waters and feel the warmth of the Son
 As He says to His dear child "Come."
Great is His love for you.




Thank You Lord
 For being You
 Thank You Lord
For being true.
 For everything You give
That helps me to live.

Thank You, thank You, thank You
 These little words are true.
 What would I do without You?
Youíve made me, Youíve helped me
 Encouraged and Blessed
Brought me into a place of rest.

Through troubled waters Iíve come
 The battle has to be constantly won.
My journey leads to the Promised Land
And You are my guiding hand.

The path is narrow, the way is steep
 But my soul You will keep.
My heart is grateful and full of praise
 Thankful am I when I consider Your ways.

Thank You, thank You, thank You
For being true
Thank You Lord
For being You.




Like a tree
 I will be
Planted by the water.

Roots down deep
 Safe to keep
Planted by the water.

Heat of the sun
 Makes fruit come
 Planted by the water.

A place has been made
 Where leaves wonít fade
Planted by the water.

In the year of drought
The tree remains stout
 Planted by the water.

Leaves still green
Can be seen
Planted by the water.

Like a tree I will be
Planted by the water.




Angry words like steam blow
Angry words like a machine gun mow.
Angry words hurt and kill
Angry words cannot still.

Angry words break down life
Angry words cause much strife.
Angry words can start a war
Angry words make life rotten to the core.

Angry words split and divide
Causing heartache deep inside.
A healing balm is greatly needed
And a sorrowful heart should be heeded.

When anger begins to rise
Letís run to Him and hide.
To seek His face
To receive His grace
 To find Wisdom to cope
To receive His love and hope
And strength to banish angry words.




We struggle
We fight
We cry
We moan
The quality of life can be poor
Itís like making bricks without straw!

We run around
We hide away
Hours of prayer
And then we donít pray!
The quality of life can be poor
Itís like making bricks without straw!

We try to change
And You too Lord!
The quality of life can be poor
Itís like making bricks without straw!

You are The Master Builder
You are The Creator
Itís You that makes
Itís You that creates!

We stumble and fall
But Your name we call.
No further do we slip
No more do we trip.
Salvation comes!
No more bricks without straw
You build, You make
Itís You that creates!




Not for one day of the year
But for all the year.
And every year
Christ is not just for Christmas
For life.

Donít letís get wrapped up
Or fall in a trap
Of forgetting the true meaning
Christ is not just for Christmas
For life.

Jesus is a precious gift
Not to be put aside
Nor for us to hide
He came to show us the way
And in our hearts to stay.

Have we room for Him?
Or do we close the door?
He wants all of us
Not just a part
He wants our heart.

He welcomes all
Do we welcome Him?
Christ is not just for Christmas
For life.




A King born in a stable?
The darkness became light.
 The angels proclaimed
Oh what a glorious sight.

No royal fanfare, no bells ringing
Yet all around
You could hear the sound
Of angels singing.

A King not in a palace?
What could this mean?
The angels proclaimed
The nativity scene.

No royal fanfare, no bells ringing
Yet all around
You could hear the sound
Of angels singing.

Shepherds visited the baby King
And still you could hear the angels sing.
 What a sight to behold
Those events broke the mould.

No royal fanfare, no bells ringing
Yet all around
You could hear the sound
Of angels singing.

Three wise men followed a bright star
They brought valuable gifts from afar.
What an amazing sight
The power, the glory and the might.

No royal fanfare, no bells ringing
 Yet all around
You could hear the sound
Of angels singing.

This is part of Godís plan
 Bringing Salvation to man.
 A gift beyond measure
A precious, precious treasure.

Jesus, the Son of God.




The Lord says,
ďCome to Me. Come to Me
All those who are lonely
All those whose hearts are stony.Ē

The abused
The hurting
The neglected
The sick
Youíll feel calm
In the Saviourís arms.

The Lord says,
ďDraw near to me and cling
All those who are treated wrongly
All those who have suffered abominably.Ē
Youíll feel calm
In the Saviourís arms.

The Lord says
To all those unloved,
ďI will be with you.
I wonít desert you
I will walk by your side.Ē
Youíll be safe
In a place of grace
In the Saviourís arms.

Are your burdens
Too heavy to carry?
Is your life a mess?
Is each day a test?
Come to Him. Come to Him.
He will bless. He will bless.

Thereís forgiveness for man
If youíll stand
At the cross where the Saviour died.
It was there that He cried
To His Father above
And took our sins because He loved
He cared so much, He suffered for all
This was the Salvation call.

He was the sacrifice
The Lamb that was slain
So that we might Salvation gain?
We canít get to Heaven on our own.
Itís not a journey we take alone.
Jesus our Lord, Saviour and Friend
Must be our Master at the end.

ďComeĒ is for all
Short or tall
Rich or poor
Young or old
Male or female
Black or white

We all need Him
To make things right.




When life takes its toll
When circumstances seem out of control
Iíll hide away
Iíll seek Him and pray.
Come what may
In His arms Iíll stay.

When bad news breaks
 And much is at stake
 Iíll hide away
Iíll seek Him and pray.
Come what may
In His peace Iíll stay.

When family and friends are in distress
And my words donít seem to bless
Iíll hide away
Iíll seek Him and pray.
Come what may
In His love Iíll stay.

When the pressure builds
 And my thoughts canít be stilled
Iíll hide away
Iíll seek Him and pray.
 Come what may
In His shadow Iíll stay.

When Iím ill and weak
And canít stand on my feet
Iíll hide away
Iíll seek Him and pray.
Come what may
In His strength Iíll stay.

Come what may
I will pray
Iíll take my place
At the throne of grace.
Open to all day and night
If we accept the Royal invite.




Donít stray
 From The Way
Temptations come
Look to the Son
Jesus is the One.

Donít fear
 God is near
Though you weep
He will keep.

Donít hide
His arms are wide
To keep you still
In His will.

Look to the Son
Jesus is the One.
 It starts at the Cross
For those who are lost.
A place of grace
Look into His face.

Hope for tomorrow
Relief from sorrow
Raise your head
Youíll be led.





There is a fire deep in my soul
A gap - a mighty big hole,
That only God can fill
Making me whole and making me still.

There is a burning deep in my heart
A hunger which wonít depart
Only God can put this right
Making me whole in His sight.

There is a burning to speak Your Word
Let the message of love be heard.
Far and wide, up and down
Starting first in my home town.

The Spirit will lead
If I will heed
There is a burning deep within
To speak to a nation deep in sin.

Sometimes I try to extinguish this burning
But I know there is no turning
There is a burning deep in my soul
The love of God making me whole.




God does not expect us to be the best
In Him we should be at rest
Allowing the Spirit to empower
For He is our strong tower.

God does not expect us to run around
Experiencing a permanent Ďdown.í
 Allow the Spirit to empower
For He is our strong tower.

God does not expect us to hide away
Or in His presence continually stay
 But to boldly go out in His Name
 Seeking not for ourselves wealth or fame.

Who will wipe away the tears?
Who will comfort and allay the fears?
Who will speak of another way?
Who will keep going, come what may?

Weak as I am
 I will stand
I will go
However slow




Please Lord give me Your grace
Grace to face
Each day
To deal with all that comes my way.
 Please, please stay
Surround me with Your grace
 Let me be in a place
Of peace
Of blessing
Secure and resting in You.

I need
Grace to keep my mouth shut
But wisdom
To open my mouth to speak.

I need
Grace to go forward in difficult times
But wisdom
To know when to stay put.

Grace, showers of beautiful grace
Pouring down upon this place.
All of us need more of Your grace
Please, please favour this place.

Your presence is sweet
Your presence brings life
Your presence brings light
Your presence and grace
Bless this place.

Grace canít be borrowed or bought
But it can be sought
Itís given by God
To those who need
Who hear His voice and heed.
Grace beautiful grace.





Whatever the problem I have to face
 God will give me the grace
 Strengthen me in my times of despair
 Proving He is indeed there.

I couldnít go on without His grace
All my problems I couldnít face
But His love and mercy flow
And upon us all He bestows
 Strength to go on and courage to face
Impossible times with His grace.









Life can be a drudge
 If we hold a grudge.
 It can chip at our peace
Itíll make our joy cease.

The sparkle leaves
As the grudge weaves
Itís like a clamp
It makes its stamp
Upon our lives.

Donít wait for others to put it right
We should bring it to the light.
Donít let the problem cause a rift
Donít let our lives begin to drift.

Grudges have broken up families and friends
Causing enmity to descend.
Make amends as quickly as you can
Donít let grudges make their stand.





He will wipe away your tears
He will comfort you.

He will heal your hurting heart
He will comfort you.

You feel abandoned and lost
He will comfort you.

You feel empty and incomplete
He will comfort you.

Hold on!








Help me Lord to walk Your Way.
To stay in The Way.
To know more of The Way.
To keep my eyes on The Way.

Help me Lord to pray.
Give me the words to pray.
 When in difficulty to pray.
When in doubt to pray.

Help me Lord to hear.
When life is too busy to hear.
 When demands demand to hear.
 When Iím too wrapped up in myself to hear.

Help me Lord to speak.
Your Word Iíll speak.
o Your people Iíll speak.
To the world Iíll speak.

Help me Lord to obey.
Even when itís hard to obey.
 When Iím too busy to obey.
To put You first and obey.

My heart
Thanks You
 Praises You
Talks to You
 Adores You.





Help me this day
 To walk Your Way
To look up to You
And to be true.


Help me this hour
To walk in Your power
To stand in Your grace
To seek Your face.


Remember in the darkest night
Jesus is our guiding light.









Allow Jesus to be your closest friend
All your heartaches He will tend.
 Empty days He will fill
Making your heart peaceful and still.


Jesus is there every moment of the day.
 He will listen as you pray.
Sometimes you tell Him you canít go on
 But He will give you a new song.


Heíll heal the hurts within.
 In His strength you will win.
His love blossoms as a tree in Spring
 And your heart will begin to sing.





Donít let my ears be shut
To You Lord
Donít let my eyes be shut
To You Lord
I want to hear You Lord
I want to see You Lord.

You came for the sinner Lord
You came for me Lord.
You came to set me free
And Iím free indeed.

You wined, You dined
With outcasts
The lowest of the low.
Salvation You came to bestow.

Jesus You gave hope
Brought a change of heart
And for those who desired
A brand new start.

The door is always open wide
So from His invite please donít hide.
A warm welcome you will find
Salvation and healing of the mind.




Lord when I look at Your creation
 My heart sings with elation.
The mountains, hills, rivers and streams
 What a delight, beyond my wildest dreams.

Lush green colours in the Spring
And Autumn brings mixes of orange, yellow and green.
 Winter has a beauty all of its own
Frost and snow bring completely different tones.

Lord the beauty You have created
The heavens, earth and seas
Are a constant wonder to me.
You are The Master beyond compare
 And I praise You for Your love and care.

The animals, birds, creatures great and small
Such a mixture, short and tall.
Sunrise, sunset, colourful skies,
 Brings a gasp and delight to my eyes.

It makes me realize how great You are
 As I look upward to the stars.
The great expanse that I see
 Tells me how much You love me.




So many hurting
 All around
The needs are profound.

 How can I help?
What can I do?
Iíve only one pair of hands
 One pair of feet
All these problems are impossible to meet.

I canít split myself in two
Anyway that wouldnít do.
Iíve a willing heart
I need to make a start
Iíve only one pair of hands
One pair of feet
All these problems are impossible to meet.

One day at a time
One step at a time
One need at a time
Led by the Spirit
Not by the flesh
Will bring peace and bless.

I mustnít be in haste
But live at a steady pace.
 I mustnít grow faint
Have courage and strength.
Led by the Spirit
Not by the inner man
 When facing each demand.

Moving in the Spirit
Not in the flesh
The Spirit will guide
The Spirit will bless
The Spirit will lead
Heíll highlight every need.

Not with my mind
Not with my hands or feet
The Spirit will lead.
Heíll highlight every need.

Rest for my spirit
Rest for my soul
 The Holy Spirit is in control.







In living we are preparing to die


In dying we are preparing to live


So take courage.









Walk the extra mile
Turn the other cheek
 Face with God the problems we meet.

Support the widows
And the fatherless too.
These are problems for me and you.

Speak of Jesus
Tell of His Word
 Especially to those who havenít heard.

Heal the sick
 Raise the dead
 Move in the Spirit as we are led.

He will always be with us
There at every turn
For Him my heart deeply yearns.

Persecution will surely come
 Because we believe in the Son
 Jesus, The Christ, The Holy One.

He wonít depart
He will empower and send
All that we need until the end.





Teach me Your ways Lord
 Show me Your love
That I may have Your wisdom, Your grace
Your compassion
That I may not judge
Show discernment.

Teach me Your values Lord
 Show me Your glory
That I may understand You
Your words
Your deeds
That I may not be hasty
Always seek Your will.

May Your love encompass and surround me.
 May Your love empower me
And may I show that love to others
 Especially those who are hard to love
Those who reject my love
And turn from my love.

Donít let hurt harden my heart.
May Your love always keep me warm inside.
Regardless of responses
Iíll keep showing that love
Which You are always showing me.





There is a crisis all around
Life is a battleground.
 Many are injured
Suffering deep wounds.
Constant fighting and lack of care
 Where is peace, where oh where?

The world is heaving under the strain
There are many sighs of deep pain.
Many are mourning
Suffering deep loss.
Constant fighting and lack of care
 Where is peace, where oh where?

We look at each other with contempt
And there is no real attempt
To comfort
To bring relief
In our customs we are steeped.
 There is a crisis all around
 Life is a battleground.

How shall we deal with this plight?
We also have to fight,

Jesus said, ďGo into all the world.Ē
We act as though we havenít heard.
Out into our street, town and wherever
 Bringing the Good News to whosoever.





Life is not a bed of roses
Godís hand will be upon you.
 His love will cover you.
 His grace will keep you.
His compassion will sustain you.
His strength will strengthen you.

His hand will guide you
And His arms will surround you.
 He will go before you.
He will also bring up the rear.

He will provide, sustain and bless you.
He will wipe away your tears.
He will be your light in the darkness.
He will give you Wisdom.

He will be your Healer and Defender.
 Life is not a bed of roses
He is all that you need.
He was, He is and always will be.





He does not change
We change.

He does not stop loving
We stop.

He does not withhold any good thing
We withhold.

He does not hold grudges
 We do.

He does not forget us
 But we forget Him.

He does not remember our mistakes
 But we remember.

He forgives
We are unforgiving.

He supplies
We lack charity.

He is patient
We are impatient.

He is just
We are unjust.

And yet

He is renewing us
Blessing us
Uplifting us
What grace, what love!
Life is still not a bed of roses
He protects us from the thorns
 And when hurt, binds our wounds.





Allow Him to come and refresh
His love like rain will greatly bless
Showering down and making whole
Giving back what the world has stole.

Each day can seem like a fight
As we struggle to do what is right.
 Let the Lord take the strain
He will heal all the pain.

Life itself is a stress
Each day seems like a test.
 Will I pass or will I fail?
 Am I beyond the pale?

No oneís a failure in His eyes
So donít fight or strive.
Come to Him Heíll make you whole
Giving back what the world has stole.






L    ove


 O   thers


           V   ehemently


       E   veryday







Grandchildren are precious
A treasure beyond measure.
 Their different ways and actions
Act as a wonderful distraction
From all lifeís stress
They truly bless.

Wise words and comfort come
From little ones so young.
 Their kisses and cuddles I adore
 I count myself rich not poor
And the memories in my heart I store.

Six little ones growing strong
 Inside myself I constantly long
To protect them from all danger
To make them even safer.
Lord to tell them of You
 So that as they grow up
They will stand true.

I love to spend time talking and playing
And in their company staying.
Theyíre in my prayers and thoughts
 By their side I will walk.

Jesus is their friend
And their lives He tends.
 He said to the children,
 ďCome to MeĒ
And my prayer is
That they will hear His plea.





Words canít describe the pain
 How can I fully explain?
Someone I loved has died
Someone I loved and admired.

No more time to talk
 No more taking walks.
 Someone I loved has died
Someone I loved and admired.

We had known each other for many years
We had good times but also shed tears.
 Someone I loved has died
Someone I loved and admired.

We knew each others faults
 We also shared our thoughts.
 Someone I loved has died
Someone I loved and admired.

We shared troubles and fears
 Over many, many years
But we also had fun
 We had become as one.
Someone I loved has died
Someone I loved and admired.

They are safe in His arms
And that helps to calm.
It will take a long while to overcome
But our love still carries on.

In the meantime
Lord I know Youíre there.
 You comfort and care.





When times are hard
Donít have a red card.
Mutter, moan
Gripe and groan.

Itís easy to fall
Into the trap
When troubles
Drop into our lap.
Mutter, moan
Gripe and groan.

Attitude can halt
All weíve been taught.
Mutter, moan
Gripe and groan.

Testing times come to all
But we shall not fall
If we keep our eyes on Him.

So donít be tempted
To mutter and moan
Or to gripe and groan.
To the Lord we should look
And draw comfort from The Book.

Banish grumbling and complaining
Take on that which is sustaining.
Hope, peace, joy and love
Given to us by our Heavenly Father above.





I love You, love You, love You
 More than words can say.
I love You, love You, love You
Every moment of the day
Though hardship comes and troubles abide
I know Youíre with me by my side.

Youíre mine, mine, mine
No one can take You away.
Iím Yours, Yours, Yours
And close to me Youíll stay
 Though life can be an upward climb
Youíre mine, mine, mine.

Companion, Helper, Comforter and Friend
Youíll be with me to the end.
Thereís none so faithful and so true
To the depth Iíll follow You.

Though everything is falling apart
Deep, deep, down in my heart
Restoration I know will take place
But You Lord are in no haste.

A lifetime it takes to come to that place
But in the meantime thereís plenty of grace.
The path can be hazardous and steep
And many tears I will weep.
However, You are there by my side
Lord, Saviour, Comforter and Guide.






As I thought about my sweetheart
Am I thinking about my SWEETHEART
The lover of my soul
Who made me whole
He gave me Eternal Life?


Yes, what a SWEETHEART
My All in All
There for me at any moment
Showering me with His love and devotion
His grace, mercy and protection
What a Valentine Ė what love
My All in All.






No words can express the pain that I feel
Iíve been handed a very rough deal.
Iíve lost the one I loved so much
No more will I feel their loving touch.

More words of love I should have spoken
For this would have been a special token
Of the feelings held deep inside
Thatís where they stayed and still reside.

And yet inside myself I knew
Our love for each other grew.
 In many ways I showed my concern
 My heart for them did yearn.
 Precious, sweet love.

Though doubts and fears abound
Love and hope are still around.
 Strength grows, panic slows
What a mixture of emotion!
God applies a healing lotion.

His compassion will never fail
And with His grace we can face
All that will come our way
If in His arms weíll stay.
 Come close to Him.




Faithful until the end
Lord You are a faithful Friend.
Faithful in what You do and say
 A wonderful example in every way.

You are faithful and true
And I wish I could be too.
A more faithful Friend canít be found
Even when I let You down.

You remained faithful to the end
And many hearts You were able to mend.
 You died for our sins
Never did You give in.

Oh Faithful One
You say, ďComeĒ
To all who follow You.
 I will seek
Though Iím weak
Until Your final call.

The faithless become faithful.
The joyless become joyful.
 The hopeless become hopeful.
Oh Faithful One
Desired more than treasure
 Youíre a gift beyond measure.




For our Nation Lord I pray
Please, please help us, weíve lost our way.
Much is going on which doesnít glorify You.
Please, please, what can I do?

Reading the newspapers, hearing the news
What more can we lose?
Everything we once cherished
Is disappearing fast.
Help us Lord before we perish.
We canít last.

The values that we once held true
And the countryís love for You
 Donít seem to be apparent anymore
Society seems to be rotten to the core.

And yet

Beneath it all there is life and hope
Even if we canít cope.
If we humbly kneel and pray
 And from our sins turn away
 You will hear our desperate pleas




The words 'one day at a time'
 I shall keep in my mind
And strength for today
Come what may.

One day at a time
 Not tomorrow
Next week
Him only will I seek.

Donít fear tomorrow
Donít add to your sorrow.
 Donít let imagination increase
Tell destructive thoughts to cease.

How we live today
Will determine our way
So concentrate on the 'now'
As much as you can allow.

Get through this minute
 This hour
This day
Set your sights on your goal
 Letting peace envelop your soul.

Jesus will walk with you today
And when tomorrow comes
It will be today.




I seem to be running around
No time, no time can be found.
The minutes, the hours, the days fly by
So much left undone, ĎWhy oh why?í

I need to set myself a course
Where oh where is my source?
My source is the Lord who stands strong and true
He is there for me but also for you.

Direction He will give
So that I may live.
In His love and His grace
Help me Lord to find that place.

Time lost can never be regained
It canít be recycled or used again.
Therefore make sure nothing goes to waste
Precious moments can be lost through haste.

When I was young time seemed to stand still
I wanted time to hurry and obey my will.
Very impatient was I
That time should begin to fly!

Now that Iím older time seems to go too fast
I wish I could make it last and last.
I know this is in Godís hands
Itís His will and His plans.




Tired and weary I canít go on
I should be singing a new song!
Dark clouds and stormy skies
My mind seems to be full of Ďwhys?í
Renew me Lord.

My life is dry
And in my heart I sigh
 What has happened to me?
 I just canít see.
Renew me Lord.

Hope and expectation, peace and joy
 Seem to be in short supply
When I look back I can see
Your hand has been outstretched to me.
Renew me Lord.

Your love has been beyond measure
And in my heart this love Iíll treasure.
Renew my mind Lord I pray
Give me the strength for another day.





I didnít like what I saw
In my spirit I was poor.
I had wandered from Your Way
Oh help me Lord I earnestly pray.

Thoughts, words and actions
Havenít glorified You.
Iím really fed up with myself too.
I have wandered from Your will
I seem to be on a treadmill.

Iím living my life at a very fast pace
I donít want to be in such a place.
Faster, faster each day goes
Adding to my depression and woes.

Jump off and stop
Refuse to go on.
This problem can be solved
But I need resolve.

I neednít let my life go on in this way
In Your presence I want to stay.
Iíll be transformed by the renewal of my mind
And Your Spirit I will find.

I can come to that place
Where I can remain in Your grace
Being renewed and greatly blessed
Facing each and every test.






Has your life been taken?
All your joy and hope forsaken?
Youíve tried to find it without success.
 Nothing at the moment seems to bless.

Youíve informed those who need to know
 Youíve made it very clear
But your lifeís not back on course
 Youíve been unable to find the source.

Youíve asked many questions
Youíve searched high and low
But the progress is very, very slow.
 Reward given!

What more can you do?
Youíve covered every avenue.
 What more can you say?
But just hope and pray.

Keep on going forward
Your journey is onward.
 Donít stop or slack
Youíll have your life back.






Filled with many doubts
Wondering what lifeís about
 Doors donít open
 Opportunities never come
Iíve kept on waiting
Now I want to run!

Perhaps I havenít heard right?
 Maybe Iíve got it wrong?
Regardless, I know Jesus is Godís Son
 So even if Iím put aside
In my heart He resides.
Iíll keep on waiting I wonít run.

I love everything about Him
 His ways
His words
 His deeds
But most of all I love Him
 For what Heís done for me
His compassion
His grace
 His mercy
 And because He set me free.

The more I dwell upon Him
 The doubts and fears depart
 And thereís peace deep in my heart.
 Whatever comes or doesnít come
Iíll face it come what may
This I know for sure
 I wonít run away!





Iím in despair
God is there
To comfort and to guide.
What shall I meet?
But He will keep
Me safely in His arms.


I do not know
Which way to go
 I feel lost and afraid.
What shall I meet?
But He will keep
Me safely in His arms.





Deep inside not seen by many
Are many thoughts - two a penny.
They donít see the light of day
 And if we choose thatís where they stay
I want to walk Your Way.
 Search my heart Lord I pray.

All the things that upset my soul
 Unless dealt with take their toll.
Iím too embarrassed to admit
How uncomfortably they sit
I want to walk Your Way.
 Search my heart Lord I pray.

You can comfort
You can guide
You Lord can take my pride.
 A new person I can be
Because of what You did at Calvary.

Cleansed, renewed and set free
 This is what Youíve done for me.
 Search my heart Lord every day
 So that I may walk Your Way.




Be happy with those who are happy
Weep with those who weep
Comfort those in despair
Show them that youíre there.

Walk with those who are lonely
 Listen to those who need to talk
 Comfort those in despair
Show them that youíre there.

Write letters of encouragement
Give flowers from the heart
Comfort those in despair
Show them that youíre there.

Pick up the 'phone and say ĎHií
 Go out and knock on their door
 Comfort those in despair
Show them that youíre there.

Pray for those who hurt you
Who lash out with their tongues
 Comfort those in despair
Show them that youíre there.

Donít forget those in prison
Incarcerated for their faith
Comfort those in despair
Show them that youíre there.

Many fall by the wayside
 Exhausted, unable to go on
 Comfort those in despair
Show them that youíre there.

Show them that you love them
 Show them that you care
 Show them the love of God
And just be there!




Sin canít be cleaned
With a bar of soap
Or crossed fingers and hope
We need Jesus to set us free
Remember the cross at Calvary!

Sin canít disappear
Or be pushed away.
Sin is stubborn itíll just stay.
We need Jesus to set us free
Remember the cross at Calvary!

No one but Jesus can take sin away.
You canít use a stain- removing spray.
That wonít do
It wonít help you.
We need Jesus to set us free
Remember the cross at Calvary!

Money wonít solve
Nor experts resolve
Only Jesus can deal with sin.
So letís come to Him.

We will be forgiven
And renewed
When we come to Jesus.
Heíll set us free
Remember the cross at Calvary!




Something happened in my life to-day
When I could no longer pray.
Tired and exhausted
And hurting deep inside
Something happened which took away my pride.

A small word five letters in all
 Stopped me taking a plunging fall.
 Spoken to me with deep down sorrow
It helped me to face a new tomorrow.

No longer was there a big divide
I did not have to hold back the tide.
It felt as though the Red Sea parted
 And a feeling of reconciliation started.

ĎSorryí is a word very hard to say
But once said makes a way
It opens the doors to allow God in
And takes away the power of sin.

Sorry is like a healing paste
 Applied at a time of disgrace.
 Only one application need be made
 For the pain and suffering to fade.

Sometimes itís hard to forgive
But if in His grace we want to live
Resentment and hurt must be put aside
Then peace and love in its place reside.

Thereís a profound truth to remember
If our relationship with God
We donít want to sever.
On the cross our Saviour cried
It welled up from deep inside
 ďFather forgive, they donít know what they doĒ
And these words must be ours too.

Sorry is a word that unites
Stopping countless wars and fights
 Drawing together nations, families and friends
Bringing hostilities to an end.

Let us walk together as one
Through Jesus Christ, Godís own Son.




Lord I feel stale and dry
Like a piece of old bread
By Your Spirit I need to be led,
My life seems to have ebbed.

Lord I feel like dry old bones
Inside, my heart continually moans
What can I do, what can I say?
In this condition I donít want to stay.

Your Word and Your Spirit will revitalize me,
Please, please Lord do this I plea.
Breathe upon this body of mine
I donít want to continually whine.

The Lord heard my cry of despair
He heard my ramblings, He heard my prayer.
Itís hard to say what took place
But my heart began to race.

A surge of power Ė a terrific heat
Life spread from my head to my feet.
Hope filled my heart
And I had a new start.

Up I jumped able to rejoice
Praising and singing in a loud voice.
The Word and the Spirit filled my soul
Touched my life and made me whole.
Thank You Jesus.




For Your strength Lord I pray
Help me to function another day.
 Problems, worries and fears depart
When You remain in my heart.

Help me to get throí another day
To lift my head and to pray
May my eyes see the greater plan
The Spirit of God not the outer man.

Thrown by others into a pit
Their cruel words and actions deeply hit.
Within my heart there are wounds and pain
Will I ever see the light again?

Yes, I see a glimmer of light
Revelation and spiritual insight.
 Compassion, mercy, healing and grace
Reach me in that dark place.

Strong arms lift me safely up
Refreshment comes from a spiritual cup.
Now Iím free, delivered by a strong hand
Iíll continue my journey to the Promised Land.
The way is not easy and takes its toll
But I have peace deep down in my soul.




Suddenly disaster can strike
Changing our plans
And changing our life.
All our hopes and our dreams
Are destroyed it would seem.

Life can seem black
Weíre under attack.
It seems as though weíve lost
And paying a high cost.

Plans were laid
Decisions made
They werenít to be
Something came along
We just couldnít see.

Oh we wish we could turn back the clock.
Once again we need to take stock.
Distress and depression
Seem to have spread
Into a black tunnel weíve been led.

In darkness there is light
A guiding hand throí the night.
Hope in despair
Love and care
So hold on God is there.

He will bring us throí
Our darkest days
For our ways are not His Ways
So hang on donít give in
With God on our side we can win!




Use your talents
Bring them out
Given to you
To spread about.

Donít hide
Or keep them
 In the dark.
In your life
Make your mark.

Not to be buried
Or hidden away.
Uppermost in your life
They should stay.

Godís gifts, donít ignore
Or keep within
That would be
A terrible sin!




The tears I shed I donít want others to see
They think Iím strong but they donít know me.
 Iíve lost the will to go on
Youíve gone, gone, gone.

We had our ups and downs
We laughed like a couple of clowns.
We had our upsets, arguments and fights
But you were to me a guiding light.
Youíve gone, gone, gone.

How can I face the days ahead?
Each hour, each minute I shall dread
And yet I hold sweet memories deep inside
 Theyíll remain forever and reside.
They canít be taken or stolen from me
 For in my heart I have the key.

After we argued, making up was sweet
We overcame problems that were so deep.
 Life at times became very stressed
And yet our lives were truly blessed.

Thank you Lord that You brought us together
You made our lives precious as treasure.
Strengthen me now as Youíve done in the past
 For the love we had will always last.




Short texts I send 2 family and friends
Saying, Iíll luv them 2 the end.
I care, Iíll share, Iíll be there.

Do I think of God throí the day?
Do I stop what Iím doing and pray?
Do I thank Him
Do I send
ĎTextsí saying Iíll luv Him 2 the end?

Luv U Lord U r gr8
Luv U Lord 4 evr
Iíll not 4 get U, no not evr!

I chose U, I luv U
Ur mine til end of time!

This message I will keep
Never, ever to delete.




Ten were healed
But only one said Ďthanksí
What an utter disgrace!

But wait a minute
Arenít we guilty too?
Havenít we at times
Forgotten to thank You?

Yes, to our shame
We have played
 The Ďno thank youí game.

Weíve earnestly prayed
And our answers were delayed
Then suddenly results came
And yes to our shame
We played the Ďno thank youí game.

Sorry Lord
Iím so ungrateful
And at times Iím not thankful
I just accept the good things
That come my way
The Ďno thank youí game I wonít play.




Dressed in white
Shining bright
Like a Bride I will come
To Jesus Christ Godís own Son.

At last we will meet
And Iíll have a seat
At The Marriage Feast.
Like a Bride I will come
To Jesus Christ Godís own Son.

I shall see Him
Face to face
In that most Holy Place.
Like a Bride I will come
To Jesus Christ Godís own Son.

Choirs will be singing
Ourselves weíll be bringing
What a glorious sight to behold
Until that moment, truth untold.

The preparations
The engagement
Seemed endless to me
The marriage at times I couldnít see.

But then I didnít have to try
For in the twinkling of an eye
The promise was fulfilled
And my anxieties were stilled.
At last, at last
Deep down I sighed
In Him I would now truly abide.




The end is the beginning
 Our life is yet to come
 Through Jesus Christ Godís own Son.
He wants us to love Him
Coming close to His side
And in His grace we shall abide.


He died a cruel death on a tree
He died for our sins and to set us free.
Our sin and suffering are laid at the cross
No longer need we feel such pain and loss.


The end is the beginning
Our life is yet to come
Through Jesus Christ Godís own Son.
 He wants us to love Him
Coming close to His side
And in His grace we shall abide.




Itís hard to smile
When you walk the extra mile
God is near to bless
 And refresh.

Tired in body and mind
No comfort do you seem to find.
 Itís hard to smile
When you walk the extra mile.

And then to cap it all
You donít hear the words Ďthank youí
Youíve struggled
Youíve juggled
Youíve nearly come to a halt
 Youíve tried to remember the words
You were taught.

At that point remember one thing
You went the extra mile for Him.
 You donned the towel, you washed the feet
No greater servant could you meet.




Three were thrown into the fire
It was meant they died on the pyre.
They wouldnít bow to a statue of the king
 His praises they would not sing.

An order they could not accept
They knew they had to reject.
 The king demanded their all
But these three were not fools.

Bound tightly to increase their pain
Their courage was not in vain.
In the fire they were free
A fourth figure the king did see.

Amazed and astonished he called the three
 From the fire to flee.
They were untouched by the heat
 This was a supernatural feat.

Through fiery furnaces we also go
 All our hardships God knows.
He is Lord and King of Kings
And His praises only we should sing.




Have you felt rejection today?
 Have you been unable to pray?
Have you found it hard to talk?
 Do you feel that itís someone elseís fault?

Youíve felt very close to tears.
Youíve tried to suppress all those fears.
Youíre telling yourself life will change
But you feel youíre on a firing range.

Unseen dangers seem to surround
And a First Aid Post needs to be found
A place where you can rest and find kind words
But no kind words can be heard!

The First Aid Post is The Secret Place
 Where you can find comfort and grace.
The Master awaits
To encourage and bless
And lead you through your big test.

Youíre picked up, cleansed, given a drink
And enough precious time to think.
 Nursed and nourished back to health
Youíve been empowered with spiritual wealth.




You are the Greatest of the great
 The mighty God
 Master Builder.

You are a compassionate and loving God

You are a righteous and just God
 Caring for the
 And for those who come to You.

You give abundantly

You are full of

You are a Father of fathers
 A Father to the fatherless

There is none like You.




In his cell there he lays
 No blanket
No warmth
No comfort
 Alone with his thoughts
Thatís where he stays.

Each day brings
 Abuse, beatings
Alone with his thoughts
Alone with his fears
How can he survive
Imprisonment for years?

No help
Words of kindness
 Medical assistance
 Family or a friend
 Heís alone
When will it come to an end?

His cell is
 Enclosing him like a clamp.

Remember him
Heís our brother
 He counted the cost
His liberty he lost.

Heís carrying his own cross!
 Heís stumbling, heís lost.
Who will carry his burden?




Iíll walk with you
Talk with you
Stay by your side
If in your heart
Youíll let Me reside?

Iíll carry you
Comfort you
Iíll wipe away your tears
And help you deal
With all your fears.

Your sins Iíll forgive
And eternally youíll live
Released and set free
Able to draw close to Me.

Nothing can cause us to part
Except a very cold heart
So My precious child, ďComeĒ
To Jesus The Christ, The Holy One.




Find a place thatís quiet
A place where you can go
 Early in the new day
Where you can wait and pray.

Find a place thatís quiet
A place where you can rest
 Itíll always be there for you
Like a bird returning to its nest.

Cast aside your cosy bed
Up you get to pray
Before you go out
And face another day.

The Lord wants to share
To bless, to talk and care
 But to Him we wonít come.
Why do we ignore The Holy One?

We wonít wait too long
 We wonít praise
Or sing a new song.
We wonít read His Word
And wonder why
 His voice canít be heard?

Cling to Him, donít run away
 Talk, listen and pray.
He wants us to draw near
 And have a listening ear.

Find a place thatís quiet
A place where you can go
 Early in the new day
Where you can wait and pray.



(Psalm 91)

In the Secret Place
 Iíll be safe
In His shadow
Under His wings.
In His grace
 Iíll be safe
Free from danger
Free from anger
 Dwelling in the Secret Place.

Iíll be safe from snares.
From dangers in the night
 I wonít take fright
Or from slander and lies by day
For I know the Way
To the Secret Place
The Place of Grace.

Many will fall
Iíll see all
In the Secret Place
Iíll be safe
Under His wings.

Your angels will defend
Theyíll tend
Keeping me safe
In the Secret Place.

When in trouble
Youíll deliver
 When I call
You hear all.

The Secret Place
 Has an open door.




I seem to be groping in the dark
 Unable to distinguish the light
 Stumbling and falling at each turn
A vision is what I deeply yearn.

I desire greater purpose deep in my soul
Within me seems a great black hole.
 Destination and vision are sadly lacking
 In my resolve Iíve been slacking.

Inside I groan
Outwardly I moan
Oh for a touch from You.
I canít go on
I canít go back
In my resolve Iíve been slack.

Open my eyes Lord
Let me see
Touch my heart Lord
 Let me be
Renewed, refreshed
Abundantly blessed
 Immersed in a vision of You.

No more groping in the dark
 Unable to distinguish the light
 No more stumbling or falling
At each turn
Iíve the vision I deeply yearned.

I have purpose deep in my soul
No more is there a black hole.
 Destination and vision
Are not sadly lacking
And my resolve is not slacking.

Inside Iím not groaning
Outwardly not moaning
 Iíve had a touch from You.
 I can go on
I wonít go back
And my resolve will not slack.

Renewed, refreshed
Abundantly blessed
 Immersed in a vision of You.
 Thank You Lord.




When I pray, I canít stay
 In Your presence Lord.
 My heart groans
My heart moans
ďOh to get away.Ē

ďLordĒ I say, ďImpatient am I,
 Why oh why do the good die?
And the wicked take root
Bearing it would seem much fruit?Ē

My cries continue to grow
 My complaints do not slow.
How can all this take place?
The world is lacking Your grace.

When I pray, I canít stay
 In Your Presence Lord.
My heart groans
My heart moans
ďOh to get away.Ē

You know me Lord, You know my heart
 Youíve known my life from the start.
 I know Youíre righteous and just
And in You I trust
Still the questions come and go
The Ďwhysí and Ďwhereforesí You know.

The earth heaves a big sigh
 Many of Your creation die.
Drought makes grass wither and fade
And in other areas through floods we wade.

When I pray, I canít stay
 In Your presence Lord.
My heart groans
My heart moans
ďOh to get away.Ē

Then the Lord spoke to me,
ďWhy oh why canít you see.
 If with men you have raced
And canít keep up the pace
What will you do
When greater hardships you face?
 Will you be able to stay in a place of grace?Ē

ďIf you run away
And in a place of peace canít stay
What will you do in a hostile land?
 Will you ever make a stand?Ē

ďHear and obey, follow My Way
 Through darkness and light
Go in My might.
I will be all that you need
Those who hurt you please donít heed.Ē

As these words came to me
I could at last see.
Feeling renewed I could pray
I could stay
In Your presence Lord.

No more groans
No more moans
Oh, I can come close to You.




I do not know
Which way to go
 I feel lost and afraid
But whatever Iíll meet
He will keep
Me safely in His arms.

In my despair
 God is there
To comfort and to guide
Whatever I meet
He will keep
Me safely in His care.

He goes before me
And brings up the rear
Giving nourishment to sustain
As I go throí the Wilderness of Pain.

My plans and desires didnít include
This most unattractive interlude.
 I am tempted to retreat
Can I escape from this heat?

Yet away from distractions
And worldly attractions
Iíve begun to focus my mind Ė
More of You Lord I want to find.

The search within and without
Seems to be stopping the drought.
Weeks, months and years
Of going through the motions
Are bringing out deep emotions.

This is part of the Divine Plan
A journey to the Promised Land.
Come what may
I will stay
 Focussed on Him.




My thoughts are a closed book
 No one is able to look
But You Lord.

You know the warm and loving thoughts
The charitable thoughts
The destructive thoughts
The selfish thoughts
 The jealous thoughts
 The envious thoughts
You know them all.

Search my heart Lord and teach me
To bare my soul and set me free.

To You I come
To You I run
In You Iím released
In You I find peace.





To be first
You must be last
This makes you fitting
For Godís task.

Don the towel
Wash the feet
Bring Godís love
To those we meet.

To be first
You must be last
This isnít an easy task.
Naturally selfish
We want to be number one
But that place goes to Godís Son.

Come what may
Follow Jesusí Way
To be first
You must be last.

Don the towel
Wash the feet
Bring Godís love
To those we meet.

Walk the extra mile
Continue to smile
Carry heavy loads
Along stony roads.

Be a servant
Wash the feet
Face head on
Problems you meet.

Prepare to serve
And not be served
Don the towel
Wash the feet.

Testing times
For the self!
But it brings
Spiritual wealth.




Love You, love You, love You
Every step of the way.
Love You, love You, love You
 Come what may.
Though the path be rough
 And life gets tough
You are The Way, The Truth and The Life.

Love You, love You, love You
Every single day.
Love You, love You, love You
 In my heart I pray.
Though I suffer poor health
And have no position or wealth
You are The Way, The Truth and The Life.

Love You, love You, love You
More of You I desire.
Love You, love You, love You
 In my heart I cry.
Though my life gets stressed
You are there to bless
You are The Way, The Truth and The Life.

Love You, love You, love You
 Never let me forget
Love You, love You, love You
My heart on You is set.
Though troubles appear
You take away the fear
You are The Way, The Truth and The Life.




As I was walking down the road
(A dangerous place Iíve been told)
There was a man on the ground
He was battered and bound.

Iíll pretend I havenít seen
Iím in a hurry
I canít tarry
Iíll cross over to the other side!

Iíve a meeting to attend
And divisions to mend.
This is a real nightmare
 Not a time to stop and care.

Iíll pretend I havenít seen
Iím in a hurry
I canít tarry
Iíll cross over to the other side!

I walked further on
The opportunity now gone
Next time Iíll stay
But for now Iíll pray.

I canít pretend I havenít seen
I was in a hurry
I didnít tarry
I crossed over to the other side!

I wish I hadnít!




I wait upon You Lord
 I wait upon You.
 Time seems endless
Minutes seem like hours
My eyes become heavy
My mind starts to drift!

Sometimes I walk away
But I shall come back.
 I shall wait
I shall stay
I shall not leave

Help me Lord
To focus on You
To clear my thoughts
 To quieten my mind
To set my thoughts upon You
I wait upon You Lord.


Minutes tick by
Hours tick by
 I want You
I need You
Nothing else will satisfy
I wait upon You.

Waiting brings

I will soar like an eagle
 Run like an athlete
Walk and not faint
 Or become weary.

I will wait, I will wait,
I will wait upon You.




Jesus is my all
In Him I walk tall.
 No longer do I crawl
In Him I walk tall.

He brings peace to my soul
He makes me whole.
He shows me love
He uplifts and defends
Heíll stay by me until the end.
Jesus is my all
In Him I walk tall.

Thereís no need to fear
When Jesus is near.
 Hold your head up high
 Let your praises reach the sky.
 Jesus is my all
In Him I walk tall.

Life can be cruel
Itís a long haul.
 Donít fall away
 Jesus has come to stay.
 He stills the storm
He calms our lives.
He is my all
In Him I walk tall.




Enthusiasm and vision
Can cause division
But deep down within me
They give life to the full
And in Jesus Iíll walk tall.

Get out of the boat
And walk on the sea
Jesus is there for you and me.

How will I achieve?
I want to succeed.
My life has become dull
The vision I must continually mull.

Get out of the boat
And walk on the sea
Jesus is there for you and me.

Away with the doubts and fears
Away with the floods of tears
Away with the discouraging words
For His voice I have heard.

Words, pictures and dreams reside
Deep, deep down inside
Like a volcano ready to blow
Iím ready, Iím ready, I wonít be slow.

Though the waves may pound
 Faith in Jesus Iíve found.
There are hidden depths below
But His strength Heís bestowed.

Iím out of the boat
Iím walking on the sea
Jesus is there
Waiting for me.




When I stand before Him
What will He say?
ďDid you give a cup of cold water?
 Did for My people you pray?Ē

Have I remained faithful,
Sure and true?
Did I make a stand,
When I had to?

Did I walk the extra mile?
Did I give an unexpected smile?
Did I turn the other cheek?
Did I support those who were weak?

Did I say sorry when I was wrong?
 Did I put right the things Iíd done?
 Did I go to Jesus when He beckoned?
 Or did I do my own thing every second?

He will already know
Where I fell short
I wonít have to give a lengthy report.
 His look will say it all
And to my knees I will fall.

By then itíll be too late
So I resolve not to wait
In Your grace and Your strength
 Go to any length
To do Your will.




My ways arenít Your ways
And this in my mind should stay.
My thoughts arenít Your thoughts
So donít let my mind get caught
Thinking its God, when Iím self taught.

God will lead if I heed
What He has to say.
Letís stay very close to Him
And run away from sin.

 My ways Lord arenít Your ways
Let me remember to stay
Keeping still
In Your will
To the end.

My thoughts Lord arenít Your thoughts
Let me remember to stay
Keeping still
In Your will
To the end.





You are my Rock
You are my Light
You are my Shepherd
You are my delight.

You are my Love
You are my King
You are my Lord
Your praises Iíll sing.

My life is in You
Your life is in me
And this is the way
It should be.

Our love will blossom
Come what may
And in Your Presence
I shall stay.





You are not alone as you face the unknown.
 Many will give encouragement and pray
And when you are lonely they will stay
 Listening, talking and supporting
God always has a plan.

At the moment itís not easy to see
You think, ďWhat's going to happen to me?Ē
 Hold on, hold on
God always has a plan.

Your tears He will wipe
His strength will be your might.
 Your pain He will heal
God always has a plan.

Though your grasp is weak
 Strong hands will keep
You uplifted and safe each day.
 You donít eat or sleep
Others you canít meet
 Donít worry
God always has a plan.

Will you ever laugh again?
In your life will tears reign?
Allow time to heal the pain.
 Youíll smile and laugh again.
God always has a plan.



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