Life is not

a bed of roses But...


A New Year
Allow God
Cast your cares upon Him
Despised and Rejected
Focused on You
Give God a Chance
Godís Miracle
God is Doing a New Thing
God is my Refuge and Strength
God is putting a new song in my Heart
God makes a way where there is no Way
Great is Your Faithfulness
In my weakness Christ is Strong
It donít seem fair to me
Jeremiah's Demise
Life's Dangers
Lifted Up
Love and Unity
Love You
More of You and less of me
Our Love
Refreshed and Blessed
Stop the world I want to get off
Strangers in the Land
Strength in our Times of Need
Take time out  
Tell Me Why
The Accused kept Silent
The Battlefield of Self
The Courage to go on
The Fatherless
The Good Shepherd
The Light
The Lord is my Shepherd
The Loving Gardener
The Miracle of New Life
The Pearl
The Plan
The Refuge
The Refugee
The Rescue
Truth and Error
Walking The Way
We care
Whack, Smack
What Cost
What You have done for me
Wrapped in His Arms
You have won my Heart
Your Love
Your Presence



Out goes the old and in comes the new
My mistakes are many and successes few
But one thing I know deep in my heart
The failures that shadow my life can depart.

A New Year
A New Day
A New Life!

As I look back over many years
I have shed countless tears,
Thinking of words and thoughtless actions
And also, of course, my hasty reactions!

I could have shown more love and care
To family and friends who were there.
Also to the stranger passing by,
Inside my heart sighs and I ask, ďWhy?Ē

Why did compassion and love at times lack
And on thinking, in many ways, was I slack?
But Godís love and hope
Touched me in a special way
And His grace on me will stay.

A New Year
A New Day
A New Life!

Sadly I canít turn back the clock
And my mistakes and failures try to mock.
ďWhat an utter failureĒ in my mind I hear
But I remind myself this is a new life
A New Year.

Every day Godís grace does not fail
And His love continues to prevail
So hope and His faithfulness banishes the fears
His encompassing love will wipe away the tears.

A new life, a New Year and new hope
Give me courage and strength to cope
Whatever the year holds in Him I will trust,
Such a resolution is a Ďmust.í

I will stand regardless though life becomes tough,
Him will I seek when the way gets rough.
He is always there to carry and share,
Let me remember this when Iím in despair.




When life seems very black
And motivation and strength you lack
Allow God to give you His strength.

When life seems to deal a blow
And you feel greatly depressed and low
Allow God to give you His peace and calm.

When rejection and loneliness you feel
And you turn away every meal
Allow Godís presence to draw near.

When you canít get on with work
And fears in your mind lurk
Allow God to bring His peace and love.

When everyone seems not to care
And your worries you canít share
Allow God to comfort you.

When each hour seems like a day
And you find it hard to pray
Allow God to speak to your heart.

When you donít know which way to turn
And youíre feeling angry and looking stern
Allow God to bring His peace and love.

His peace and love will set you free
For in Jesus you will find the key.
In Him is the Victory.

He will carry all your cares.
Your pain and suffering He shares.
In Him is the Victory.

So have courage and take one day at a time
For His love, peace and grace
You will surely find.
In Him is the Victory.

You are precious in His sight
So rest in His might.




When the dark clouds gather
And the strong winds batter
Run to Him
Hide in Him
Rest in His Arms.

When problems flood in
And the pathway seems dim
Run to Him
Hide in Him
Rest in His Arms.

When we are rejected
And feeling much affected
Run to Him
Hide in Him
Rest in His Arms.

When there is no peace
And wars do not cease
Run to Him
Hide in Him
Rest in His Arms.

When weíre ill
Tired and weak we feel
Crawl to Him
Hide in Him
Rest in His Arms.

We can stand once again
Free from the pain
When we have been blessed
And mightily refreshed.

The cares and the woes
Canít hinder our path
Because on Jesus
Our Lord and Saviour they are cast.
Run to Him
Hide in Him
Rest in His Arms.



(Dedicated to the hurting Body of Christ)

The tears flowed and I felt pained
Hurt and maimed.
All I seem to do is cry
I want to hide away and die.
I canít help but feel affected
Despised and rejected
At the way my Brothers and Sisters treat me.

I am not allowed to speak
Iíve to remain silent and meek
Neither question any decisions that are made.
My sleeping pattern has been disturbed
Inside Iím anxious and perturbed.
I canít help but feel affected
Despised and rejected
At the way they treat me.

The doorbell doesnít ding
And the Ďphone doesnít ring
Nor even a letter throí the post.
Donít they know that Iím lonely?
Perhaps they think Iím a phoney?
My heart cries out in utter despair.
I canít help but feel affected
Despised and rejected
At the way they treat me.


When I think of my Lord in the garden there
The angels ministered to Him in His despair.
His friends quickly ran away
They were too afraid to stay
And He was completely alone.
I canít help but feel affected
How He was despised and rejected
And at the way they treated Him.

Jesus faced the angry mob
And a rough road now He trod
To face the trial that lay ahead.
He was ordered to speak
But remained silent and meek.
The lies
The insults
The blows rained.

Nobody cared
That an innocent man was held,
A troublemaker was all they could see.
He carried the heavy cross
Until His footing He lost
Then they nailed Him to the tree.
I canít help but feel affected
How He was insulted and rejected
And at the way they treated Him.

As He hung in great despair
He remembered His dear mum there
And also the thief by His side.
In His agony He cried
ďFather, forgive them
They know not what they doĒ
And that, of course, is meant for me too!

As the sky grew dark
Everywhere was stark
The Son of God died on the cross.
Oh, what heartache, pain and loss.


Jesus came back on the Third Day
With His friends briefly to stay
To teach, encourage and pray.
The day He came to go
A gift He promised to bestow
The Comforter would come to stay


When Jesus comes again
Every eye shall see
What a time of rejoicing that will be.
No more fears, no more tears
No more aches, no more pains.


Before that great day
And finally we say
ďCome Lord Jesus come,Ē
Thereís hurting people out there
And no time to spare!
I canít help but feel affected
That we have been selected
To comfort and wipe away the tears.




Lord, You are so faithful, just and true
I want You to know how much I love You.
I want You to know that deep in my heart
My love for You will never depart.

Should in my struggles I forget
Please remind me so my mind can be set
To focus my thoughts
On my First Love, my Saviour
To worship You in spirit
In truth and not waiver.

I want You to know Lord that regardless of pain
I will confess my love for You again and again.
Unanswered prayer wonít make my love cease
Whatever the circumstances I will rest
In Your Peace.

In difficult times
I will remember how far I have come
How You introduced me to Your own Son
And I will look at the love showered on me
For You have made me worthy to receive.

To think of my life without You there
Is like waking up from a frightening nightmare.
I would be doubtful and afraid
As to how I should behave.

Whatever happens I am trying to say
That in my life I want You to stay.
Your Holy Spirit is there to guide
And from Your presence I donít want to hide.




When our life seems to be falling apart
And we feel really down in our heart
Give God a chance!

When we canít tell which way to go
And we are feeling spiritually low
Give God a chance!

When our loved ones seem to run away,
They hurry off and donít want to stay
Give God a chance!

When we feel so tired and sick
Questioning why life gives such a kick
Give God a chance!

When we are in a hurry and full of worry
Wait and rest, life is one big test
Give God a chance!

He is there
He does care
Give God a chance!

Godís will, Godís way.
Donít sway but stay
Resting safely in Him.




God is doing a new thing.
The birds will again sing.
Lift up your heavy heart
There is for all of us a new start.

Darkness and the cold will be dispelled.
Hope and encouragement
In our hearts will be gelled.
Lift up your heavy heart
There is for all of us a new start.

Many despair and canít see
What God is doing for you and me.
He is moulding our lives in an intricate way
And with us He will always stay.

Away with the old and in with the new,
His plans are there to renew.
A new song we shall sing
And joy, like bells will ring.
This is Godís miracle.




The winter months are cold and long
Not many birds sing a cheerful song
The air is crisp and the skies are grey.
Make way! Make way!
God is doing a new thing.

Spring is coming and the birds are singing
The sun is shining and warmth it is bringing
Through the hard ground bulbs are springing.
Make way! Make way!
God is doing a new thing.

Splashes of colour begin to appear
Sheep in the fields, their lambs they rear.
Green leaves and blossom
Show signs that spring is near.
Make way! Make way!
God is doing a new thing.

Before us we see a great miracle take place
A paradise appears, a state of grace.
The coldness and darkness of winter canít stay.
Make way! Make way!
God is doing a new thing.

New life shoots up and the skies turn blue
As with the earth so with our lives too.
Trust Him, our winter will turn to spring.
Make way! Make way!
God is doing a new thing.



Psalm 46

I wonít fear because You are near.
I wonít sigh because You are nigh.
Though the mountains may crumble
I shall not stumble,
You are my Refuge and Strength.

Though troubled are the rivers and seas
And others donít heed Your pleas,
I know You are not far away
And in my heart You will stay.
You are my Refuge and Strength.

You rescue me from fear and foe
And upon me all Your love bestow.
You will help me each and every day
Showing me Your will and Your way.
Your blessings like a mighty river flow
And my eyes look up and I surely know
That God is my Refuge and Strength.

My Lord is mighty and true
And in our lives, does He rule?
He wisely says to us ďBe stillĒ
Learn of His thoughts and His will.

He is my help when my needs are deep
And He protects me when awake or asleep.
Why do I worry and why do I fear?
My Lord and Saviour is always near.

You can see what a state Iím in
How the light to me seems so dim
But I shall look to You
The answer, the solution to my plight.

When my heart cries out then my voice will shout,
ďI trust You, I love You with all my might
You are everything to me
My Refuge and my Strength.Ē

He will be faithful, loving and true
That is His promise to me and to you
For God is our Refuge and Strength.




Although I seem to be walking in the dark
And I canít hear the singing of the lark
God is putting a new song in my heart.

Tired and weary and can hardly lift my feet
The day seems long no one do I meet
God is putting a new song in my heart.

Inside I feel like crying and shedding many tears
How can I reveal all my heartache and fears?
God is putting a new song in my heart.

Slowly I can feel my spirit rising up
I have been thirsty
And have drunk from a Heavenly cup,
God is putting a new song in my heart.

My deepest sorrow seems to be fading away
It feels to me like itís a new day.
The Light is shining in
Flooding the oppressive dark,
What is that sweet sound I hear?
The sound of the lark.
God has put a new song in my heart.




Words of encouragement came
As I awoke from my sleep
The fear and depression
I tossed on a mental rubbish heap.
ďGod makes a way where there is no wayĒ
Stirred my soul and I began to pray.

For months I had been in a state of despair
Life had been full of darkness and care
Was hope and encouragement in short supply?
I kept asking myself the reason why.

ďGod makes a wayĒ
Were beautiful words that renewed my soul,
A lifeline
Which pulled me from a black hole.
I had been touched deep down in my spirit
And those words took me
Beyond my very own limit.

The pressures of life were taken away
The impossible was Godís department that day.
He reminded me
Miracles werenít in short supply
That I must look with my spiritual eye.

Cold hearts will warm
There will be peace in the storm
Mountains will depart
And seas will part!


God makes a way where there is no way.




Great is your faithfulness
Great is your love
Great is your mercy shown to me.

Each day is fresh and new
And this is due to You
For My Heavenly Father is true.

You wont turn Your back
Nor let me suffer lack
Especially when life gives me a ďwhack.Ē

Faith will make mountains move,
Moving us when weíre in a groove.
Our hope and trust is in You.

Silently my soul waits in peace
For all turmoil in my life to cease.
Whatever happens inside I know,

Great is Your faithfulness
Great is Your love
Great is Your mercy to me.

The darkness and the despair
Lifts as I acknowledge Your care,
How You led me in my darkest hour
Delivered by Your strength and power.

As each day dawns and the sun rises high
My eyes look upwards to the vast sky
My soul sings out in thanksgiving and praise
Because of Your beauty and Your ways.

Great is Your faithfulness
Great is Your love
Great is Your mercy shown to me.




My strength has been sapped
I canít run another lap
I seem to be striving,
Am I just surviving?

And yet if I wait
In this uncertain state
At the right time
I will reach my prime.

My strength will come
The race will be won
And like an eagle Iíll soar
No longer in my spirit poor!

From spiritual heights
There are visions and sights
And words canít express
This state of Blessedness.

Oh what joy and delight
As I dwell in His might
For in my weakness He is strong.




This life really gets me down
The innocent, the world doesnít heed
And the guilty are freed.
It doesnít seem fair to me.

This life can really get me down
Everyone seems to worship the pound.
The poor have no voice or a choice.
It doesnít seem fair to me.

This life can really get me down
Many are hungry and dying
And others are lonely and crying.
It doesnít seem fair to me.

This life can really get me down
It just seems like one long round
Of trouble and disaster, woes and cares.
It doesnít seem fair to me.

And yet in my heart I know
The blessings our Heavenly Father bestows,
He knows when a sparrow falls to the ground
And hears every cry and every sound.

God knows
How many hairs we have on our head
And much in the Bible of His love can be read.
What grace and mercy shower down,
One day we will earn a crown.

God made this world and all of us too
He hears and sees everything we say and do.
He knows of our worries, sorrow and pain
And He will lift us up again and again.

When life gets too much and we canít cope
We must not sit back and decline in a mope.
We should call on the Lord in our time of need
Our cries and prayers He will surely heed.

When dark days approach we must not give up
But stand in His strength
And drink from His cup.
Though pressures and problems
Abound every day
With our eyes fixed on Him
We shall stay on The Way.



(Jeremiah 15:16 Ė 21)

I sat in quiet moments of despair
Wondering if indeed the Lord was there?
In my anguish I cried out to Him.
Hurt and distressed this was not a whim.

ďLord,Ē I said, ďYour words I ate
Even though surrounded by hate.
They were a joy to my heart
But are You going to depart?Ē

ďI sat alone at Your will
Preferring to remain silent and still.
I did not rejoice with the merry
For your indignation made me wary.Ē

ďWhy does this pain not go away?
Why does this wound perpetually stay?
Refusing to heal, refusing to be healed,
Is this unfaithfulness that You wield?Ē

Then the Lord spoke to me
In strong words, it was not a plea.
ďReturn and give up the distrust and distress
And I will give you a place of rest.Ē

ďYou will be safe and My minister
But you must give up the sinister
Separating the suspicious and unworthy thoughts
My faithfulness must be acknowledged and sought.Ē

ďMy mouthpiece you shall be
If to them you do not plea.
Let the people to you come
For a battle you will have won.Ē

ďYou shall be like a strong wall
And do not fear, you will not fall
For I will be there
Delivering you from their hands
Putting to nought all of their unworthy plans.Ē

ďI will redeem I will set free
So dear child come to Me.
I will snatch you out of their palms,
You will be victorious
Delivered from lifeís harms.Ē


Trust Me. Trust Me. Trust Me.




Jesus calls each of His sheep by name
And in His care we will become tame
For He has chosen us to be His own
No more ever in this life to roam.

Danger can lurk near the flock
But our Good Shepherd is quick to take stock
Making sure that none are harmed
And quietening those who are alarmed.

The Shepherd is the owner of the sheep
He is not a hireling who is paid for his keep.
His promises He does not forget
And these commitments He never regrets.

We can be distracted and not hear His voice
But we are always given our own choice.
Knowing the pitfalls and dangers lurking
The Good Shepherd, for us, is always searching.

In this age there is an independent trend
But I am comforted to know
That Jesus is my friend.
He goes before me and brings up the rear
And calms every trouble and every fear.

A shepherd should never desert his sheep,
Will he search for them foregoing his sleep?
Is one forgotten or cast aside?
But in Jesus, our Shepherd
We can rest and abide.

Let us determine to follow His Way
Listening to all that He has to say.
Keeping close to Him in spirit and mind
Pastures new He will always find.




When life delivers a deadly blow
And I am physically and spiritually low
The Lord picks me up in His loving arms
Protecting me, my thoughts He calms.

When I canít see further
Than the end of my nose
On eagleís wings I have arose,
From dizzy heights a new vision I see
Of all that God is doing for me.

When life is like travelling down a dark tunnel
And anxiety forces me into a funnel,
You lead me through and hold my hand,
You know what Iím going through and understand.

When I feel deserted and rejected
Knowing that Iíve been utterly neglected
You draw close to speak words of upliftment,
Iím no more alone in my predicament.

When physical pain continues without abating
The Great Physician is there ready and waiting.
Though weakness develops in body and mind
Much love and compassion I shall always find.

The prescription for me to take
Is given by Jesus for my sake.
He says, ďCome to Me and find restĒ
A time of refreshment, a time to be Blessed.




Your Love does not die
Your Words do not lie
Your Presence is Light
Your Power is Might.

You do not neglect
You do not reject
You are always there
And You care.

You mend
You tend
You send
Your love to me.

What can I say?
How can I pray?
Your Spirit will teach
My soul He will reach.

My heart will sing
My praises will ring
For Your love and grace
Can fill any place.





Love grows like a flower
From a bud to full bloom
And its perfume fills the room.

Love grows like a flower
With tender care it thrives
Too little water and it surely dies!

Love grows like a flower
And watchful we must be
That nothing spoils the beauty that we see.

Love is special as you know well,
Of tears, laughter and joy you can tell.
Love brings us all together and makes us one
Walking together in this life
With Godís own precious Son.




I love You
I love You
I love You
And deep in my heart
I know You love me too!

Iím the apple of Your eye
But sometimes I question ďWhy?Ē
Iím precious in Your sight.
Into my life You have brought Light.

I love You
I love You
I love You
And deep in my heart
I know You love me too!

Iím in the palm of Your hand
And in Your grace I can stand.
From Your presence I canít hide
You know how I tick inside!

You have told me not to fear
For You are always very near.
Through fire and water I may go
But Your presence I shall know.

Your promises to me are clear
And my ears are open to hear
You say Youíre doing a new thing
And this makes my heart sing.

You have called me by my name.
You knew me before I came.
What love, what love, Youíre my delight
Iíve been lifted from the depths
To the heights.




More of You and less of me
This Lord is my plea.
As the day begins to break
My thoughts turn to You as I awake.

More of You and less of me
This Lord is my plea.
As I arise each morning from my sleep
My mind on You Iíll try to keep.

A busy day can be a danger.
It can make me like a stranger.
You wait for me in The Secret Place
But I forget in my rush and haste.

Throí the day the momentum grows
Working and maybe sharing woes!
The clock on the wall as a reminder stands,
I fall into bed andÖandÖ

The days, the weeks pass swiftly by
I canít stop time however hard I try.
In sheer desperation I cry out
ďWhat is this life all about?Ē

More of You Lord less of me
This is how my life should be.
Sometimes my will is so strong
But always my spirit for You longs.

A gentle voice says deep inside
ďIíve been waiting for you to come and reside
So that we can talk and for the day prepare
But you are always too busy to share.Ē

ďYouíve shut Me out in your busyness,
No wonder you are so stressed.
Come to Me and you will find peace.
All your anxiety and stress will cease.Ē




Your Word is precious in my heart
It comes to mind as my day starts.
Of my love for You I shall always sing
For we are betrothed except for the ring.

That comes later when I finally come to You
But in the meantime You will woo.
Our love for each other will never die
When You chose me it was a tie.

A knot of love tightly bound
Praise and thanksgiving are a beautiful sound.
Sung in the Spirit with heartfelt cries
Yet within my soul there are many sighs.

My hope and expectation are in You
And I know Youíre preparing a place for me too.
My soul deeply yearns to understand more
I really want to reach the core.

My life is an open book
Nothing is hidden from Your look.
I canít help but be amazed
As I take in Your loving gaze.

As my love grows deeper and deeper
My walk in this life gets steeper and steeper.
Tired and exhausted I am feeling
My thoughts seem to be reeling.

Your peace steadies me in my time of need
And Your Words I will constantly heed
Iíll take them into my mind and heart
But never let them from me depart.




The desert journey is a battle to stay alive,
An oasis provides opportunity to revive.
Without You Lord I would not survive.
You refresh and bless.

Hot, sticky and covered in dust,
Water for parched lips is a must.
Falling and lurching across an empty desert plain,
Energy and judgment very quickly will wane.

The oasis provides a place of rest
Where weary, lonely, travellers can be refreshed.
Pools of water and trees providing shade
Itís a paradise by Heaven made.

You are my oasis as I travel along The Way
Providing me with shelter and a place to stay.
Though stumbling and exhausted to You I come
For You have all that is needed for a thirsty one.

Likewise, I must give a cup of cold water
To all those in this life who would falter.
Picking up the weary,
The disillusioned and the lost
And staying with them whatever the cost.

The love and compassion shown to me
I must pass on so that others are free.
Never let me forget
The sweet memories of Your saving grace,
Blessed and refreshed
I will continually seek Your face.




Deep inside I feel such a loss
And nobody seems to care a toss!
Many are struggling with losses of their own
So I must resign myself not to moan.

Jobs gone, family splits,
Bankruptcies Ė life is the pits!
Illness, death, disasters abound,
Who cares, life is one long round
Of trouble and chaos,
Of struggles and pain,
Turn back the clock and letís start again!
Stop the world I want to get off!

A shopping spree and a purse full of money
Or go to a show that is very funny
A holiday abroad or bargain breaks,
Lying in the sun, going to the lakes.

Trying to forget makes memories stronger.
Trying to forget makes the pain last longer.
Going over and over the things of the past
Only makes the bitterness last.
Stop the world I want to get off!

Is there a healing balm?
Is there something to make us calm?
A tablet or pill to bring peace of mind?
Perhaps if I search hard enough I will find?

Maybe someone has the solution
And I donít mean to evolution
But the answers to the suffering in this life.
Why, how, what?
Stop the world I want to get off!

We need a saviour to save us from our stress.
Who will come? Who will come?
Who will save us from our distress?
And heal us and our land?

The cries of the heart go up to God
ďI am in darkness, I canít see
Please, please, Father God help me
Have mercy, change me, change the world,
Let us be free.Ē

I confess I have gone my own way.
I did not care. I did not pray.
Never in Your company did I stay.
I did not worship the Ancient of Days.

Into the world came
The Son of God, The Son of Man,
To fulfil Godís great Salvation Plan.
Wonderful changes took place
In the human race
The sick, blind and lepers came to Him in haste.

Hardened souls were set free
Because Jesus died on that tree.
As the sacrificial Lamb
The required price was paid
And from this act of love
The New Covenant was made.

Love came into this world of despair.
Faith and hope are also there.
Donít stop the world I donít want to get off.
Iím ready to serve whatever the cost!




A journey we are making
And this whole life it is taking
To realise we are strangers in a foreign land.

We try to make ourselves at ease
Attempting in many ways to please
But our energy will lack
Nothing will fill the gap
We are strangers in a foreign land.

Our life is not our own
Itís given to us on loan.
One day it shall be returned
And will our dreams be confirmed?

Itís only when the Spirit says, ďComeĒ
And we immediately obey and run
That our joy will overflow
And abundant Blessing He will bestow.

Then we shall see Him face to face
And worship at His throne of Grace.
Great times of rejoicing there will be.
Holy, holy, holy.

The River of Life will be a glorious sight
And we shall be singing with all our might.
The streets paved with gold as bright as the sun,
No tears will be shed, no not one!

A great celebration will take place
The Bride and Bridegroom will embrace.
A vision of such Heavenly sights
Lifts us to new spiritual heights.

My spirit on that day no more shall roam
For at last I shall be home.




When I canít see the way ahead
And I dread getting out of bed,
When the day seems long
And I donít feel strong
I put my trust in You.

When my body seems tired
And thereís much to do
And energy lacks stopping my every move,
It sends me into a state of decline
And depressing thoughts enter my mind
But I put my trust in You.

In such times of despair
You dear Lord are always there.
You give strength and peace
All the anxiety will cease.

I canít help but be amazed
At the way You rescue me,
Building up and setting me free.
You never fail in Your mercy and love,
I canít face this life without my Father above.




When life continually demands
And situations continually command,
Our attention is distracted
And life becomes less attractive
Take time out.

When love and joy are short supply
And to God we fail to cry,
When laughter ceases
And fear and dread increases
Take time out.

When the struggles and strains
Cause strength to drain,
Drastic action is needed
And His Word should be heeded
Take time out.

The Secret Place
Is a place of Grace
Wounds are healed
And a deep relationship sealed
Take time out.




Why is life a struggle?
Why is life such a muddle?
Disasters are gathering momentum,
Lord, Lord, did you send them?

Babies die, sickness abounds,
Many wars in the world are found.
Pestilence and famine on the increase
Truth and Justice on the decrease.
Tell me why? Tell me why?

Earthquakes seem to be shaking this planet,
The climate is changing and causing havoc.
Thousands of thousands are hungry and dying,
The world is full of deceit and lying.

I canít seem to understand
Why chaos and trouble has hit this land.
Lawlessness and wickedness is evident to see
All of this really does affect me.
Tell me why? Tell me why?

Unrighteousness and ungodliness abound
And we must look
To the Cross and higher ground.
It is only throí Christ and His saving grace
That we can be a part of the human race.

Equipped to go out in Jesusí name
Telling the world He is alive and the same
Showing His compassion
Bringing comfort and cheer
Sharing His love when faced with hate and fear.

Healing the sick, raising the dead
And much more as we are led.
Moving in Godís Spirit not on our own,
A revelation of Godís Kingdom is shown.




Betrayed by a kiss.
Hit with a fist.
His face was slapped
And upon Him they spat
But the Accused kept silent.

His friends ran away
Too afraid to stay.
Peter followed close by
And when challenged lied
But the Accused kept silent.

No false witness could be found.
Their case was not sound.
The trial was a sham
But this was the plan.
The Accused kept silent.

To a king and a powerful governor He appeared
But still He would not be steered
From the path He was to take.
All this was for the worldís sake.
The Accused kept silent.

Mocked, beaten, knocked to the ground
The Saviourís blood poured profusely down
From vicious thorns made into a crown
This He endured without a sound.

He was made to carry His own cross
But stumbled and His strength He lost.
Another was chosen
To take the burden for Him.
What pain, what distress, what suffering!
The Accused kept silent.

To the cross He was nailed
With vicious spikes He was impaled.
No cry for mercy could be heard
But secretly many hearts were stirred.

The silence was broken as the end drew near
When His voice was heard loud and clear,
To His Father He earnestly prayed
Requesting forgiveness
And guilt to be waived.

Mercy was not denied to the thief on the cross
Who cried out to be remembered
Because he was lost.
His dear mother
He gave into the hands of a friend
As He knew He would not be there at the end.

In His agony and suffering Jesus
Still showed love
And His final words
Were to His Father above
ďI commit my Spirit into Your hands.Ē
The great mission was complete as was planned.



                           THE BATTLEFIELD OF SELF

When I look at this life
And the hurtful things said and done
I have to turn to God and Jesus His Son.
The pain and the suffering are very clear to see
And all of this really does affect me.

When I look at this life
And the hurtful things I have said and done
I have to run to God and Jesus His Son.
The pain and the suffering that I have caused
Is clear to see
And all of this really does affect others
As well as me.

When weary, tired and feeling unwell
Iím not careful what I tell.
I get cross and feel deeply rejected
And my mind thinks that I am neglected!

Poor me, poor me, is all that runs throí my head
And in my state of decline I retire to bed.
My spirit is quickened when my will subsides
The depression is lifted and peace resides.

Light shines in and dispels the darkness
And love floods in and breaks up the starkness.
Within, my spirit begins to soar
No longer am I fighting a battle or war!




When life has taken its toll
There is rest for our soul,
A place of refuge away from strife
Where we can find a new life.

Call upon His name
For He is still the same.
Jesus told us He is there,
Donít give in to despair.

In Jesus Christ we can find rest
And feel we are greatly blessed.
Precious and priceless is His love
Poured down upon us from above.

We are special in His sight
And can go forward in His might.
Weak in ourselves but in Him strong
Singing in this life a new song.

In our times of rejection and stress
Our souls can find peace and rest.
A place of refuge away from strife
Where we can find a new life.

So take courage and be brave
For He is there to save.
Leading us throí what we have to face
Coming to us with His mercy and grace.




So many children all over this earth
Are devoid of family, love and wealth
Scratching a living in whatever way they can
No home, no food, no clothes and a short life span!

Abused, hunted, considered as pests
Unable to find a place where to rest.
They did not ask to be born
And from love theyíve been torn.

Greed, injustice, poverty and wars
Have produced an empty void.
A lack of parents to provide
The environment needed for children to survive.

Their Heavenly Father knows of their plight
And seeks those who will set their sight
On caring and securing the childrenís needs,
Providing safety where no evil breeds.

Oh God, what have we done?
You blessed the children throí Your own Son.
You set the greatest example
Of how life should be,
Pain is all around and we just donít see!

Hounded, hungry, hunted day and night
What can we do to put matters right?
Itís a tragedy that casts shadows on mankind
hat solutions to these problems can we find?

We canít say weíre not aware.
Children are dying throí lack of care.
Breathing their last, no love or a cuddle
Sheltering together in a huddle.

The orphans need love and those who will care
Helping them in this life to prepare
For the future and adulthood
Knowing that regardless of evil
Thereís good!

No laughter or singing can be heard
There is silence, no happy joyful word.
Slavery, prostitution, imprisonment
These little ones suffer
Finding comfort only in one another.

Their tears and silent cries in Heaven are heard
Their Heavenly Father
Calls to us throí His Word.
Set them free, minister to their need
A warm heart will surely hear and heed?

Homes, families, clothes and food to survive
This is some of the essentials we must provide.
Money, comfort, love and prayers
Itís our responsibility not theirs.




We are His sheep and He has promised to keep
All of us safe when awake or asleep.
Though wolves are around and danger abounds
We are safe when we stay close to Him.

We are to hear His voice and no other to follow,
Many would lead us down a pathway of sorrow.
They wonít bind the wounds
Nor look after the weak
Go out for the lost and strays to seek
But we are safe when we stay close to Him.

He goes out before us to prepare the way
So that itís safe for us each and every day.
He is called The Good Shepherd of the sheep
And His love for us is so very deep.
We are safe when we stay close to Him.

Why do we worry and why do we fear?
When we have The Good Shepherd who is so near.
He tenderly cares and restores our soul
And binds up our wounds when life takes its toll.
We are safe when we stay close to Him.

Should from the path we stray
Becoming lost and full of dismay
He will come and bring us back
The love of The Shepherd does not lack.

Rejoicing is heard as the rescue is told
Bringing the lost back home to the fold.
Safe and secure, wrapped up in His arms
Sheltered from storms and all of lifeís harms.
The love of The Shepherd never ever fails
Especially when one of His Beloved sheep ails.




Into the world came The Light
Shining throí the darkest night.
Dispersing the gloom bringing hope to all
This was Godís love call.

Many had waited for The Saviour to come
And God sent Jesus His only Son.
The blind could see the captives were free
This was Godís love call to you and to me.

Lives were changed in many ways
Victims were leaping and jumping in praise.
The dead were raised, the dumb could speak
And encouragement He gave to the weak.

He is still the same today.
He is The Truth and The Way.
The Light of the world continues to shine
Whatever happens in your life or mine.





The Lord is The Shepherd of the sheep
And in His care He will keep
Sheep and lambs close by His side
Because at times they are unwise.

He will guide and shield
All those who to Him yield.
Pastures He finds and places of rest
By still waters they are refreshed.

Though dark paths I tread
No evil will I dread
For I am one of His sheep
He has promised to keep.

A table You prepare before me
In the presence of my foes
And Your anointing oil runs
From my head to my toes.

Your goodness and mercy will never depart
For You are with me deep in my heart.





Jesus is my dearest friend
And my life He gently tends
Cherishing and caring for every part
He will give me a new heart.

He is the Gardener who for my soul cares
When fears choke and smother like tares,
His warm smile and gentle touch
Makes me realize that He loves me so much.

He wants me to blossom under His watchful eye
And hear my praises reaching to the sky.
Growth can be hindered by troubles and fears
But He is there to wipe my tears.

When drought comes and life seems so dry
Look to the Heavens look to the sky.
My mind must never, never forget
That my heart on Him should be set.

When the rains come blessings abound
Watering the cracked and hard ground.
Standing firm my praises Iíll bring
To Jesus my Saviour, Lord and King.




Many are called but few are chosen
Into our lives His love is woven.
Like fine threads of gold in beautiful cloth
Renewing our lives and making hearts soft.

He calls us to bring our troubles to Him
And lay at the cross all our sins,
To seek forgiveness and be washed clean,
A miraculous process to be seen!

As in our spirit and mind we pray
Developing a deep and meaningful way
We know that God is with us to stay
Searching and guiding our hearts each day.







Diamonds, gold and silver are a precious treasure
But there is a Pearl thatís beyond measure.
The Pearl of Great Price canít be bought or sold
Neither can it be stolen nor taken from our hold.

We canít lock it away in a deep vault
Its beauty if hidden will come to naught.
It must be displayed in our daily life,
No thieves can snatch the Pearl of Great Price.

If we fail to look after this priceless treasure
And use it only for our own pleasure,
Very quickly its beauty will cease to shine
We begin to think ďthis is mine.Ē

A terrible mistake can be made,
The Pearlís beauty can easily fade.
Lord, You are this precious stone
And I desire You and You alone.







God is the potter and we are the clay
And upon His wheel we must stay
Moulded and pummelled into shape
For a vessel He will make.
Finally fired in intense heat,
An important process is nearly complete.


Our lives are safe in His hands
For He completely understands.
Even though disheartened we may be
Patiently wait, rest and see
The Creatorís plans for you and me.








I know of a place
Abounding with Grace
A refuge from lifeís storms.

We can run to The Rock
And hide in His arms
He will protect  from lifeís harms.

We are not to despair
For help is there
Free from danger of the snare.

Run to The Tower
Hide in His power
For God is our Refuge and Strength.

No lion or foe walks The Way
So in safety we can stay
Wrapped securely in His arms.

When danger approaches our lives
And we feel we wont survive
Sanctuary is not far away.

God is our Refuge and Strong Tower
Mighty is His strength and power
The wise run to Him and are safe.






Dedicated to all those who are looking for a Church where
 they can settle and be at home, safe and secure.

No home! No country!
No peace!  No joy!
I feel like a refugee
There seems no home for me.

Where can I go
Where can I stay?
There seems no home for me.

Shall I go
 Shall I stay?
Shall I wait
Shall I pray?
There is no home for me.

Yet in my heart
I know of a place
A refuge, a sanctuary
A place of grace.
There is a home for me.

I can rest in His arms
Shelter under His wing.
I know of a place
And I know of His grace.
There is a home for me.

No, I donít walk alone
Trying to find a new home.
Iím wrapped in His love
Oh, peace like a dove!

There is a home for me.
I donít have to fear,
I have a place here.
I am safe
In a place called HOME.

My peace has not ceased
And His grace has increased
In a place called home.
Thank you Jesus.




My eyes are hot and gritty
From crying many tears,
My heart is heavy with grief
Sighing and many fears

And yet

Within I feel as though I am being gently carried
Saved from drowning
Pulled from a rough and angry sea
Jesus has rescued me.
I have been revived.
I survive.

Thank you Jesus
Youíre there in my deepest despair.
You will never turn Your back
You donít ever lack

In all the many ways that You help me.
Thank You, thank You, thank You
Pulled from a rough and angry sea

Jesus has rescued me.
I have been revived.
I survive.




Though the mountains may depart
God says He will love us with all His heart.
Though the hills be shaken and depart
God says He will love us with all His heart.

Though life gets tougher
And our walk becomes rougher
God says He will love us with all His heart.

Though family and friends fail or depart
God says He will love us with all His heart.
Though aches and pains in our bodies increase
The love of God doesnít cease.

Though we age and our hair grows white
God will carry us in His steadfast might!
What love we can hardly take it in
For He has come to help us win.

The battles that rage are a big test
But He will give us peace and rest.
We shall be carried throí our darkest day
Even when we find it hard to pray.

God knows our hearts and the struggles we face
But He will wrap us in a loving embrace.




Tick- tock, tick-tock,
In the silence I hear the clock
It seems to tell me many things,
Like a warning bell it rings.

Have I spent time with God today?
Have I allowed myself time to pray?
Tick- tock, tick- tock,
ďHurry-upĒ says the clock.

Life begins to be a trial
No time to stop or even smile.
I become blinded to serious needs
The warning signs I fail to heed.

Have I spent time with family and friends?
Or am I chasing the latest trends?
Am I spending as though thereís no tomorrow?
All this can end in pain and sorrow.

Do I stop in my haste
To appreciate Your love and grace?
Tick- tock, tick- tock,
ďNot much timeĒ says the clock.

Self, self, always tries to win.
I want, I want, is a deadly sin.
A war can rage inside my mind
But in His presence peace Iíll find.

Please give me wisdom, help me to be wise.
Extra time is a very precious prize.
Not to be wasted
But expressed in love and praise,
Time to delight in You and seek Your ways.




The difference between
Black and white is very plain to see
But why does life seem to
Confuse and puzzle me?
Truth and error can be
 Very hard to find,
I really have to get it clear
 In my mind.

I seek to find the answers
 In many books
But they only make it worse
Every time I look.
It seems to me that Iím
Clutching at a straw
There must be something,
Really, really more.

Videos, tapes, conferences
And Bible weekends,
Spend, spend, spend, spend.
I get no closer to the goal
I really want to reach,
Perhaps Iíll find the answer at
Another rally or outreach?
Teach, teach, teach, teach.

My mind is full of turmoil
And I canít find any peace,
I rush to and fro, up and down
To get some release.
Mile after mile and
Day after day,
Something has to happen to
Show me the way.

I am exhausted and tired
 And Iíll just sit down
Maybe Iíll catch my breath,
Life is one long round
Of running back and forth
 In search of life,
All I seem to get
Is a load of strife.

My eyes glance down
At the Bible there
Lying unopened
On the dining room chair.
I have forgotten to read it
In my haste,
Doesnít Godís Word say to me,
ďCome and taste?Ē

I read and I read ítil I can
Read no more
I read about His love and
I read about His Joy
And Iíve looked at the
Gospels and Jesusí life,
His pain and His suffering
And all of the strife.

He loves me, He loves me,
I canít take it in
He told me in His Word to
ďCome unto Him.Ē
Iíll sit at His feet
And look into His face,
To know of His peace
And to know of His Grace.

I know of His love
Because He died for me,
They nailed Him
Roughly to an old tree.
He said, ďFather forgive themĒ
In His darkest hour
And from the crucifixion
Came the power to set us free
From sin and death,
And He arose again
To encourage and Bless,
What love!

When life gets too busy
And Iím swept up with the crowd,
I want to hear His words
Say to me aloud
ďCome unto Me.Ē

And I shall go running
To the Secret Place
Where I can find Him
His love and His grace
What love!

Then refreshed and restored
We will go out in twoís,
Go into the world
To share the Good News
To bind up the wounded
And set captives free
This is the task
Jesus has given to me.




As I walk this day
Let me walk Your Way
Looking to You for all my needs
Your calling Lord I will heed.

As I start a new day
I will draw close and pray
Remembering all Your mercy and grace
For there is much blessing in that place.

In quiet moments of reflection
I have remembered rejection
But Lord You have always been there
Especially when others have made me despair.

Walk, walk, walk in the light
This can be a struggle and a fight.
There maybe foes on every side
But in His peace we can abide.

Walk, walk, walk day and night
However difficult do not take flight.
Always keep the Lord in sight
Donít run away even in fright.

Walk, walk, walk in His love and power
Run, run, run to Him, He is our Strong Tower.
When danger lurks in Him we trust
Stay, stay, stay shielded from the enemiesí thrust.

Even though there are giants in the land
We can go forward and make a stand.
We donít face the battle
With Goliath on our own,
Like David all we need are five small stones.

Caleb and Joshua saw much to delight
But ten saw giants and took fright.
Panic gripped the people like a steel band
So back into the wilderness instead of
The Promised Land!

Make way, make way,
Clear a pathway for The King
Remove the hindrances and allow Him in.
Fear of the future fear of the past
He will deal with these giants and we will again laugh.




We care
We share
How you feel today.

Donít despair
Help is there
Only a prayer away.

Tears will cease
He gives peace
To ease the pain you feel.

In this life
Thereís much trouble
But youíre not alone
In your struggle
Hold on.




Dedicated to those who are suffering
Domestic Violence in their lives.

Whack, smack
Intense fear
Intense pain
Another beating again and again.

Where can I run to in my distress
Where can I find peace and rest?
Whack, smack, more intense pain
Another beating again and again.

This is a nightmare how can love turn to hate
All this pain dished out by my mate?
Whack, smack, intense fear, intense pain
Another beating again and again.

No one knows what happens
Behind closed doors.
Dare I tell of my anguish and the pain?
For all it will bring is a whack
And a smack again and again.

My heart canít take it, the beatings and the fears,
The long days and the shedding of many tears.
Watching the clock as the time ticks slowly on
Where have all the dreams and the happiness gone?
Whack, smack, itís happened again!

Will the dinner be all right?
Shall I smile, shall I speak?
Nothing seems to help it only makes it bleak.
Whack, smack another black eye!
Will I die, will I die?

Dark glasses will hide the bruises
Also the swelling caused by tears
But how can I hide the suffering and my fears?
Whack, smack,
Much more yet to come!

As I lay there thinking
From the window I could see
The little birds flying high, flying free.
I cried out to God and in my heart did yell
ďOh Lord above, help me
And save me from this hell!Ē

From that moment of decision
Life began to move
I found the help I needed
And things began to improve.
I can face the changes that must take place
With Godís strength, encouragement,
His wisdom and His grace.

At times I feel quite panicky
My heart beats very fast
But now I feel safe, safe at last.
No more pain, no more bruising,
No more hiding my innermost fears
Itís all out in the open, no more tears.

If only Iíd had the courage
To seek the help I needed
But I felt too weak and tearful
Until with God I pleaded.

When I saw those birds flying high and free
I knew this was the answer,
The answer for me
I am free, I am free.

My cry to God gave me the strength to seek
The help that I needed when I was so weak.
So donít despair thereís help out there
And walk hand-in-hand with God.




The gift of life given to me
Cost so much, it was not free.
Anguish, pain and suffering on that tree,
Yes, Jesus died for you and me.

Oh, what a sacrifice of love
That showered down from Heaven above.
He came to give me eternal life
And release me from the chains of strife.

A captive deep in despair and sin
Jesus came my heart to win.
He called me to come to Him
What love I can hardly take it in!

From darkness I came into the Light
Suddenly my life was being put right.
Continually being renewed in my mind
I was no longer spiritually blind.

Life is not easy and problems still arise
But strength and hope are given to the wise;
Wise not in earthly knowledge or power
But of the Spirit, The Lord,
Whoís our Strong Tower.

I have my choice to follow The Way
And this is given each and every day.
More of You Lord and less of me
This is my deep heartfelt prayer and plea.






How can I ever thank You
For what You have done for me.
You in Your mercy have saved me
To walk in this life and be free.

When I was lonely and in despair
You in Your mercy was always there.
You lifted me up and carried me throí
And helped me face all the troubles too.

Although trouble hits with a capital ĎTí
I know the Lord looks after me.
He carries me during such emotional stress
How did my life become such a mess?

The hours, the days, the weeks pass by
And thereís every reason for me to sigh.
I canít see a glimmer of light anywhere
But I know my Heavenly Father is there.






I feel like a bird with a broken wing,
A nightingale that cannot sing,
A runner that cannot finish the race
Unable, through tiredness to keep up the pace.

I feel like a soldier in battle lost
And because of this pays a very high cost,
A farmer whose seed fails to grow
Even though he hasnít forgotten to sow!

What can I say or what can I do?
Who will be able to renew
The fire within that has almost gone
And who will put in my heart a new song?

Solitude, silence and prayer
Makes me realise God is there.
His faithfulness will never depart
For He loves me with all His heart.

I shall not fear what I have to face
For He showers me with abundant grace.
The fire inside will burn with intense heat
And my heart will have a very strong beat.

Wrapped in His arms
Sheltered from lifeís harms
How His love deeply calms!

I am not a bird with a broken wing.
I am not a nightingale that cannot sing
Or a runner that canít finish the race
I will succeed in Godís strength and grace.

I am not a soldier in battle lost
Or a farmer without a crop.
Iím like a mountaineer who reaches the summit
Tied to the Lord so I do not plummet.

Wrapped in His arms
Sheltered from lifeís harms
How His love deeply calms!




Your counsel Lord I implore.
Your wisdom Lord I adore.
Your love Lord I canít run from
My heart Lord You have consistently won.

Your faithfulness Lord is strong and true.
Your forgiveness Lord is there for me too.
Your love Lord I canít run from
My heart Lord You have consistently won.

Your healing Lord is for me today.
Your peace Lord is a prayer away.
Your joy Lord can fill my heart
Your grace Lord from my life wonít depart.

Your Secret Place Lord is not far away
And in Your protection I can stay.
You go before and bring up the rear.
What comfort to know You are always near.

Your instructions Lord I need to know.
Teach me Lord the way to go.
Your righteousness rules despite much wrong
And I cling to You and sing a new song.

Though trials like troubled waters overflow
My spirit will be at peace and know
That You keep me in the palm of Your hand
And in Your strength I will stand.

My heart Lord You have consistently won.
My spirit leaps for joy at Your Son,
I have been set free no more to roam
Because at last I have found my Home.




When I think of Your love
And how faithful You are
I realize itís greater
Than the biggest star.
It envelops like a coat keeping me warm
In the cold winter and gusty storm.
What love!

Your love is so deep, wide and high
It reaches up further than the sky
I canít measure the depth, width or height
But I know within that this is right.
What love!

When I feel alone and in despair
Your love for me is always there.
When I donít know which way to turn
That deep love I shall always yearn.
What love!

At times my thoughts I find hard to speak
And in myself feel my words are weak
But You know my heart cries out to You
And Your heart cries out for me too!
What love!

Your thoughts and ways I seek to find
Itís the deepest desire of my heart and mind.
It will take a lifetime to come to that place
But I know You will give me Strength and Grace.
What love!

Thank you LORD for being You
Faithful, Strong and so True.
Rich in Mercy and Just too,
Oh dear Father I love You.




I delight
You delight
We delight in each other.
Lord, I canít get enough of You.

Without Your presence it would be
Night without day
No guidance along the Way
Sun without rain
Life with continual pain
Lord I canít get enough of You.

To wake each morning without You there
Would be to me like a frightening nightmare.
To walk through the day without Your presence
Is like perfume that has lost its essence
But the perfume that sweetly fills the air
Is Your love that tells me You are there.
It brings me joy and immense pleasure
You are to me a priceless treasure.

A treasure hoarded can soon be lost.
Itís to be shared but thereís a cost
Regardless of the hurt and pain.
I donít seek Your love for personal gain.

I want You to know that deep in my heart
I will chase You should You ever depart.
I canít be without the love that we share
For You are a pearl so beautiful and rare.

More of You Lord and less of me
This is my heartfelt plea.


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